Jordan Brittany. Almost 21. Teacher. A green eyed wonder in the laugh lines behind your smile and your cheekbones.

Never Grow Up



“people who are sick don’t play video games all day”


“If you really felt bad you wouldn’t be on the computer.”


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Hi guys. So I started a gofundme in order to raise the money I need for a tattoo. I want a tattoo to cover up years worth of cutting scars, so I will be able to teach children self-love and feeling beautiful in your own skin. The tattoo I plan on getting is a ribbon sewing up the wounds on my thighs, closing up my painful past into something beautiful. It means a lot to me. I would really appreciate even the smallest donation, or even sharing this link to others. I know it’s a lot to ask of people. But I’m hoping that once I have the tattoo I’ll feel more comfortable speaking to children about why self-love is important. As a teacher it is my job to instill confidence within my students. Even a dollar donation can help me with that dream. Even a reblog might get this link out there. Thank you for reading this